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About Us

Green Gate Olive Oils is locally owned and operated by Keith and Georganne McDaniel.

Family traditions, what can you say, every family has their own unique traditions and little did we know that our ski vacation tradition would change our lives and the Village of Pinehurst. After all, the purpose of vacation is to relax and take a break from work... right?

Every winter my husband, Keith, our son, Brandon, and I take off for our ski vacation in Park City, Utah. We decided to take a break from skiing one afternoon and visit the area shops. One in particular caught our attention. It was a newly opened olive oil and balsamic vinegar shop. Little did we know about all the new opportunities that would later be occurring after opening the shop door. Stepping inside and browsing the shop peaked both our excitement and interest.

After stepping outside and into the crisp mountain air, Keith and I both were lost in thought. As we begin to talk, the idea started to take shape.

We could do this. Our community would embrace this.

We've been planning and talking ever since. In April 2010 we opened Green Gate Olive Oils in the village of Pinehurst and our adventure began. When we opened our first store we had no idea that would be the first of three shops. Yes, you read correctly, three shops.

We opened Green Gate Olive Oils in Winston Salem, NC in February 2011. Brandon, who is a foodie like his parents, is the manager of the shop and has really shown his entrepreneurial spirit. He phones every evening on his way home to ask what the Pinehurst shop did in sales for the day. Nothing thrills him more than to top the Pinehurst number. Of course, nothing thrills us more than for him to top our sales for the day.

As if two stores were not enough, my overzealous husband talked me into opening our third shop, Green Gate Gourmet. We opened for business on July 2, 2011. Our customers kept insisting we must teach them how to cook with our olive oils and balsamic vinegars and they insisted a kitchen/gourmet shop was just what was needed in the Village. At our age we should be able to say "no", but of course we didn't because our customers had such an awesome idea.

We could not possibly have managed to accomplish all of this in such a short time without our amazing staff. They have helped us develop so many aspects of what Green Gate Olive Oils and Green Gate Gourmet is today as we know they will help shape our future. Most of our staff are much younger than we are, including many high school and college students that bring energy, laughter and fun with them to work every day. We work hard together but we always have time to laugh.

Please understand, Keith and I did not have any background in retail. Keith is a psychotherapist and I am a Registered Nurse who has been working in Human Resources for the past 16 years. We were grossly under qualified to open a business. But we knew we shared a passion for good food, good wine and one another. Our relationship has grown stronger working side by side in our kitchen at home and in our business. We've always enjoyed cooking and eating together as a family and believe food is something to be shared and enjoyed. Cooking and sharing a meal together is a very intimate experience.

Quite simply, it's that inspiration we hope people will find when they visit Green Gate Olive Oils and Green Gate Gourmet.

Georganne & Keith McDaniel